Execution model and approach

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Execution model and approach

We work closely with clients and adopt multiple execution methodologies based on their business requirements. We believe that choosing the right execution model is the first step to designing and developing revolutionary systems.

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The transformation of concepts into solutions and products goes through different phases that determine the success of the solution to meet desired objectives – planning, analysis, design, development, testing, maintenance, and acceptance.

Our approach

Agile Model

Agile model refers to the software engineering approach based on sprints and iterative development. It combines iterative and incremental process models with a focus on process adaptability and customer satisfaction through rapid delivery, testing, and iterations.

Taking up changes is an integral part of agile methodology so we address those changes as and when required. Depending on your requirements whether you need the iterative or the incremental approach, our ‘army’ of developers is well-versed in the various agile lifecycle models.

The project scope and requirements are defined at the beginning of the development process. The number of iterations, the duration, and the scope of each iteration are clearly defined in advance.

We take a collaborative approach to create technological solutions that solve business problems through the best solutions. We employ the software development execution methodologies that your company needs.

SCRUM Framework

  • Role-based collaboration enhances productivity
  • Improve transparency, inspection, and adaptation
  • Empower members to work and constantly assess the progress
  • Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Meetings and Reviews
  • Sprint Retrospective

Agile Manifesto

  • Focus on twelve principles of Agile Manifesto
  • Overhaul traditional software development methodology
  • Constant delivery, iteration, and pace
  • Incorporating changes, measuring progress, and facilitation of improvements

Extreme Programming

  • Robust solutions with swift testing
  • Work out the testing requirements prior to coding
DevOps Model

We embrace the DevOps model as an end-to-end provider of progressive solutions that help clients to solve complex business challenges. The motto of DevOps is aligned with releasing software, not only faster but also better. We use this methodology for development, staging, deployment, and collaboration to deliver measurable results for businesses.

We implement DevOps in software development to eliminate bottlenecks and automate the delivery pipeline. We follow a collaborative culture that involves diverse teams in software development throughout the lifecycle. We embrace the methods and processes carefully designed to have a positive and visible impact on the objectives of our clients.

DevOps in Software Development

  • Using tools for continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • Focus on automation to align development, QA, and IT into a seamless flow
  • Enables flawless communication and development

Continuous Integration

  • Iterative programming approach involves swift feedback loops
  • Identify and correct the defects in code base
  • Continuous feedback mechanism to receive instant and constant feedback

Continuous Deployment

  • Automatic release of code into production
  • Empowers users with greater visibility
  • Dispense the need for a review of the code changes
  • Reduce the time required for testing
  • Faster turnaround

DevOps Tools

  • Critical for efficiency and the flexible manner of responding to changes
  • Unmatched expertise in automation, monitoring software, and testing tools
  • Help streamline the pipeline
Waterfall Model

It is one of the oldest and most popular methods of software development. We follow Waterfall methodologies through proper documentation and accurate timekeeping and ensure timely deliveries with a focus on the business vision while complying with defined industry standards.


  • It’s a continuous iteration process model
  • Start at the top and complete the rest stage-wise, as it goes down
  • Ideal for pointing out certain issues before it is too late
  • Allows quicker fixes without disturbing the overall objectives